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Brooke Warner

Five Things I Know about

Giving Voice to What Matters in the New Year

Live: Saturday, January 16, 1:00 pm eastern/10:00 am pacific




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Join Brooke Warner in this live, 90-minute online class.

Discover the five things I’ve learned about putting out the message you most want to share in the new year.

Based on my popular book, Write On, Sisters!, this 90-minute workshop supports and inspires writers (and aspiring writers) to think about the five things they want to give voice to in the new year.

As we emerge into 2021, many of us will be looking back at the many challenges and necessary resilience of 2020. This will be an important moment to consider how we can give voice to what matters—what messages, ideas, and impact we want our writing to center around and what we want or need to deliver in 2021.

As a writing coach, publisher of She Writes Press, and cohost of the Write-minded podcast, I’ve has spent the past 20+ years supporting authors to birth their ideas, to hone their messages, and to boldly give voice to their stories. What story or message in you is ready to take form, or to be set free? What is one action you will take in 2021 that will lead you toward a new growth edge of telling or sharing your story, or becoming a thought leader? What obstacles have been in your way that need to be cleared in order for you to emerge into 2021 ready to give voice to what matters? How will you harness the energy of this inspiring force and move from intention to action?

This class will support writers and authors to step into their big, bold dreams. If ever there were a time to do this, it’s now. Come ready to be both challenged and supported around elevating your voice—whether that’s through writing, publishing, or amplifying.

About Brooke

Brooke Warner is the publisher of She Writes Press and SparkPress, president of Warner Coaching Inc., and author of Write On, Sisters!, Green-light Your Book, What’s Your Book?, and three books on memoir. Brooke is a TEDx speaker, cohost of the weekly writing podcast “Write-minded,” and the former executive editor of Seal Press. She is the former Chairperson of the Independent Book Publishers Association and sits on the boards of the Bay Area Book Festival and the National Association of Memoir Writers. She writes a monthly column for Publishers Weekly.